Todd Ryan Jones

NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Nutritionist
Self Defense Instructor
CPR/AED Certified
Professional Actor and Stuntman (credits include: The Following, The Newsroom, Person Of Interest and All My Children.)

Personal Training Style:  I prefer natural movement, this way there is more carryover in everyday living.

Leisure Time Activity:  Martial Arts, Reading, Antiquarian books.

Quote:  "What you habitually think largely determines what you will ultimately become." B.L


By Todd Jones, NASM CPT & Nutrition Specialist

The very first thing I tell a client when they come to me with the goal of weight loss is this: "NO junkfood, NO alcohol. AT ALL!"  Honestly, if I never said another word and they just followed those two simple rules, they would most likely lose a lot of the unwanted weight. Unfortunately a lot of people who want to lose weight never will simply because the things (notice I didn't say food) that they eat are making them overweight, and they either legitimately don't know that what they are consuming is doing this, or they do know and they think "Well, it's not THAT bad for me, an extra 20 sit ups or mile on the treadmill will burn it off." WRONG. The fact is that when you are trying to lose weight, it is NOT just about your caloric intake. That is a huge part of it, sure, but the other part that is just as important is WHERE THOSE CALORIES ARE COMING FROM. Let's say you eat a candy bar or a doughnut or a cookie, or just something very sugary in general (as far as dieting your body treats alcohol the same way as a candy bar, FYI). Through a series of hormonal reactions your body will break all that sugar down into glycogen, which gets sucked up by your liver and muscles. Once your liver and muscles are full, any left over glycogen gets turned into fat. Now, when you eat something sugary like the examples I gave above, it is pretty much guaranteed that you will have that excess glycogen in your system. Therefore, it is pretty much guaranteed that it will be stored as fat! I could just say "I'm a certified trainer and nutrition specialist so listen to me", but I actually speak from personal experience on this as well. I started seriously working out when I was 19. Throughout all of my twenties I did strength and cardio training religiously as well as intense martial arts practice. Despite all this, I pretty much always had a bit of a belly and my body didn't really look the way I wanted it to. The thing was, although my diet included many healthy, nutritious things, I also ate the bad stuff pretty much whenever I wanted, figuring I should be able to since I exercised so much. Obviously that didn't work, and I would go from exercise routine to exercise routine, diet to diet, without any success. It wasn't until I was in my 30's and developed a serious interest in natural hormone optimization and nutrition that I took a serious look at my diet and "cleaned house".  Through a system of intermittent fasting and eliminating any and all junk foods, the weight came off very rapidly, and at 33 years of age I could FINALLY see my abs. So there it is. If weight loss is a specific goal of yours, you absolutely must put just as much emphasis on your diet as you do your exercise program. Don't cheat. I don't care what other people say, any cheating will significantly slow down your progress if not bring it to a grinding halt. Save the cheat days for when you have already lost the weight. If you are serious, losing the weight is actually not hard and it will start coming off very quickly.

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