Do you know what is at the very heart of spiritual awakening? I'm not going to answer that question in this blog. Take the month of April and consider it, contemplate it, perhaps even allow yourself to experience it. Do you know what can happen when you stop-just for a moment-and breathe, and notice that something more is happening? Something more than your mind tells you is happening. Something more than your mind is capable of perceiving is happening.

Do you know that spiritual awakening can only happen in this now moment? The mind tells constant stories of how what you want exists either in the past-and you've lost it-or in the future-and you'll always be reaching for it. To meet that which you want you must step squarely and consciously into the center of now.

When you are open to now and now and now you can begin to let go of your minds chatter that is based in fear. You can begin to live life from a broader perspective. You can begin to perceive the divine in all. This shift must start with perceiving the divine within YOU. You can only see the divine outside yourself to the extent that you perceive it inside yourself.

This is the science of yoga-to systematically and reliably lead you inward to your own divine essence. To abide in this state more and more and more. To embrace all the suffering and all the glory-even at the same time.

Do you know what is at the very heart of spiritual awakening? To find out-

Do more yoga.

Namaste, Maureen Shortt, Yoga Director

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