CONTEMPLATION-Resolve To Meditate

Meditation as listening-what a great definition of meditation. Listening within the silence that is at your center. Listening for the Truth. The Truth of who you really are. That Truth speaks to you, calls to you, from the silence.

Meditation is for those who desire to deeply realize their beingness. Meditation steps you back from the outer demands of your life and opens the way for you to enter into the silence within which profound realization can happen. Sitting in that silence, all striving ceases.

The benefits of meditation have been widely documented from physical improvement of health to mental and emotional calm. Meditation literally changes the way your brain functions, which then affects how your body functions. These brain changes lead to better lifestyle choices and less reactivity to others and to life's circumstances.

Just about everyone knows they "should" meditate. What stops you? We offer 2 meditation classes each week- free- to help get you onto-or return you to- meditation as a daily habit. Just like brushing your teeth-something you do automatically that, over time, accumulates into results of greater health and wellbeing.

If you would like to explore a variety of meditation techniques then Ian's Tuesday night class from 6:30 to 7:10 PM is for you.  If you would like to stick with one style for awhile then try Maureen's Thursday morning 11 to 11:40 AM class.

Both meditation classes follow yoga classes, which is the best way to prepare for meditation, as it allows your body and your mind to settle. Also, meditating in a group is one of the easiest ways to practice. These weekly classes can help jump start you into a daily practice at home.

This year, resolve to- do more meditation.


Maureen Shortt, Yoga Director

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