1.Take only as many blankets as will fit in your washing machine, which is usually 2 or 3.

2. BEFORE YOU TAKE THEM FROM THE STUDIO-AND THIS IS AN IMPORTANT POINT- PLEASE USE ONE OF THE INDELIBLE MARKERS TO MARK THE DATE ON THE TAG SO WE KNOW WHAT HAS AND HAS NOT BEEN WASHED. Just write a small but legible "5/15" so we know they are done, so we don't keep washing the same blankets over and over again (which has happened in the past). Write legibly and small, please.

In Om studio the markers are with the sign in clipboard. In Namaste they are on the sign in table.

3.As you leave the club, just let Sharon or Laura at the front desk know how many you are taking, and your name if she doesn't already know you. (Laura more so than Sharon)

4. Use either ¼ cup white vinegar OR hypoallergenic laundry detergent.  Many people are scent sensitive and using anything else can trigger asthma or breathing difficulties(this has happened in the past). I use Arm and Hammer 'For Sensitive Skin Free of Perfume and Dyes' liquid detergent. The vinegar cleans just as well and there are many hypoallergenic products available.

4.Use either cold or warm water, not hot-it shrinks them.

5.Please AIR DRY the blankets. They will shrink and bubble up if you put them in the dryer, even on low. You can hang them outside, or just drape them over a chair inside and they will dry over night.

6.When you return the washed blankets, we will keep them separate from the unwashed(sounds biblical...) with a sign saying 'PLEASE DON'T USE'. This way you don't have to pick through 100 blankets looking for those not yet washed. When there are more washed than unwashed we will switch the signs to use washed blankets during classes.

If you have any questions or concerns  contact me at or 215.262.1532.

"Service expresses the Divinity hidden within" Sai Baba

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