Join us on Saturday, February 8th, for group meditation from 3 to 4:30pm. This practice is called satsang in Sanskrit, which means "to sit in the company of truth." There will be a talk from the ancient teachings, then simple meditation instructions. After, sharing is invited, to draw the power of this meditation practice through your mind, through you and into your life.

Meditation is a way of going beyond your mind, beyond all your conditionings, to sit in the state of your eternal Beingness. It sounds so lofty, yet when you are in the state, it seems so natural. Because it is. This IS your natural state, to know your Self as eternal and divine, even as you remain within your small 's' self. You don't have to clear up all your imperfections; you don't have to empty yourself of your human weaknesses. You simply gaze beyond, to that which includes all of your human-ness. It's like looking at the vast sky behind the clouds, rather than focusing on the clouds.

Join us. Let the front desk know if you are coming. Family and friends are always welcome. The event is free.

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