YOGADHARMA presents Basic Sanskrit for Yogis

With guest teachers Jessica & Stéphane Dreyfus

March 22 and 23

3-6 pm at The Solebury Club

Basic Sanskrit for Yogis

Who knew Sanskrit could be so much fun? In this 6hr introduction Jessica and Stephane will introduce Yoga teachers and dedicated students to the foundational language of Yoga. Through the use of both heart and mind, we will learn about the benefits of Sanskrit, the fundamentals of pronunciation, and all the Sanskrit vowels. By the end of the class, you will have a deeper knowledge of Yoga practice as a whole, simply by understanding how this beautiful ancient language is part and parcel of the physical and mental practice that is Yoga. Included with the workshop is a 15 page Sanskrit workbook.

You will learn
* how Sanskrit connects you to your yoga practice
* to sing and write the vowels and consonants from the Sanskrit alphabet
* the meaning and correct pronunciation of key asana names

* start to read basic devanagari!

Course Fee:
$108 General Public *

Please register by emailing Nicole

*Please note there are limited seats available.  Please register ASAP to hold your space.

Stéphane and Jessica bring their passion and a unique approach to the study of Yoga. Together, they recently completed a 450 day silent meditation retreat, during which they sincerely applied these teachings to their lives. Before beginning the retreat, they dedicated thousands of hours over the course of a decade to the study of Yoga asana, Yoga Philosophy, Tibetan Buddhism, and Sanskrit. They bring their wealth of study, scholarship, and experience to their workshops, teacher trainings and classes all over the world.

Among their extensive teaching experience is a unique expertise in teaching Sanskrit to a Yoga audience. Combining both the heart and the mind, they have created an effective curriculum for educating yoga teachers in the original language of Yoga. They have been training Yoga teachers in Sanskrit since 2007, and have trained hundreds of yogis all over the world to read, sing, and write in Devanagari while being thoroughly entertained and engaged.

Jessica is co-founder of Triveni, an 800hr certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher, and senior heart yoga teacher. She is the founder of Yogis at Yale, and graduated from Yale University cum laude in 2004.

Stéphane is co-founder of Triveni, a 300hr certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher and accredited heart yoga teacher. Before devoting himself full time to Yoga and Dharma, he worked as an assistant film editor in Los Angeles.

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