Tuesdays from 6:30 to 7:10 PM with Ian Heim.

Thursdays from 11 to 11:40 AM with Maureen Shortt.

No experience necessary.  No charge.


Meditation is a process, and it is a practice. Meditation is a science and it is an art.

Meditation is turning inward. It is a state of beingness rather than doingness.

Meditation is being present and available to what is arising moment to moment with a non-judgmental and curious attitude.

Meditation opens you to healing, to transformation, and to the freedom to live your life with compassion, with inner strength, and with purpose.

You have thoughts, emotions and sensations. They are like the waves of the ocean, rising and falling. Meditation is becoming aware of the ocean itself. The waves will still be there but you will identify less with them and more with the deep calm of the ocean.


Consider your temperament. You may want to try both classes to be able to choose from your own experience.

You may want to choose your class based on your availability.

For many, the connection with the teacher is important.

The meditation will give you relaxation and a sense of peace, if it is a match to you. You will WANT to meditate. 

And, oh, by the way, that relaxation and peace may be more evident out in the rest of your life than it is in the actual meditation period.

No matter what you choose you can feel good about yourself for diving in to this profound practice.


        Maureen Shortt, SoleburyClub Yoga Director, certified Svaroopa Yoga® teacher(700 hours), certified  Embodyment Yoga Therapist, certified Vichara Therapist, certified Meditation Teacher, certified Group Meditation Leader.



      Ian Heim Certified 200 hour Yoga Alliance, student of Bikram philosophy, hot yoga teacher, compassionate leader of group meditation for 2 years.



If you have questions about meditation-come.

If you suffer from stress or anxiety-come.

If you have physical or emotional pain-come.