Here at The Solebury Club we teach JKA Style Shotokan Karate. The club is a member of the AJKA-I and is the East Coast Training Headquarters for the United States. We offer unlimited training for all programs. Students are not limited to a certain number of classes or locked into specific days for training. If there is a class on the schedule for you, you are welcome to attend.


The Solebury Club offers several different programs, each geared towards the needs of the specific students for that class.


Shotokan Karate-Do: Shotokan Karate-Do is a Japanese Martial Art and form of self-defense developed by Sensei Gitchen Funakoshi. Kara(empty) te(hand) Do(the way) or The Way of the Empty Hand focuses not just on the physical art, as students learn to defend themselves with empty hands(weaponless), but on the mental aspect as well. The ultimate goal of a Karateka (person that studies karate) is the perfection of one’s self and one’s character.


Tigers: Ages 4-5 The Little Tigers Program is a program designed for children who are too young to experience our youth program. In this class children will learn basic karate techniques and participate in drills and games that help them to learn: Balance, Coordination, Focus, Self-Control and Respect. There are seven levels ranging from White Tiger to Red Tiger. Red Tigers graduate to the Youth Program. **note: Some 3 year olds are accepted.


Youth Karate: Age 6 and up The Youth Program is designed to teach solid fundamentals in Karate by combining traditional and modern training techniques. Confidence is gained, through hard work and dedication to Karate Training. Students earn a new belt ranking with the improvement in his or her technique reinforcing their confidence and self esteem. **note: Children approximately age 12 should first speak with the Sensei and decide whether the youth or adult program is appropriate for them.


Youth Strength/Agility: Included for Platinum Members (Karate), this class will include: strength, agility and conditioning drills ideal for aiding children in their karate training and other sports. Non-Platinum members can drop in for $15 a class or purchase a 10 pack of classes for $120. For 6 to 13 year olds.


Youth Yoga: Included for Platinum Members (Karate), this class will help create a stronger more flexible body, ideal for aiding children in their karate training and other sports. Non-Platinum members can drop in for $15 a class or purchase a 10 pack of classes for $120. For 6 to 13 year olds. (in Yoga Studio)


Adult Karate: Increase your: Strength, Balance, Flexibility and Coordination all while you learn this traditional art of self-defense. Meet and train with new people as you develop a strong sense of comradery and belonging with your fellow students.


Kickbox: Kickboxing is one of the most popular programs here at The Solebury Club. You can burn 800+ calories an hour in this challenging and motivating class, all while learning real Kickbox and Karate techniques. All of our Kickbox classes are taught by certified Black Belt instructors who are not only able to give you a good workout, but can also make sure you are learning proper form and technique. Classes incorporate a warm up and cool down stretch, heavy bag work, jump rope, lunges, push ups and back exercises, as well as various footwork and agility drills. Our kickboxing class is appropriate for beginners and advanced. Gain confidence and self-esteem as over time you can see both your fitness level and technique improve.


Instructor Training: The AJKA-I Instructor Training Program is designed with two goals in mind. First, to encourage the formal training of karate instructors for the development of AJKA-I Shotokan Karate-do. Second, to help participants develop interpersonal, class presentation, skills necessary to motivate and guide others in their search to understand and master the art of shotokan karate-do. Candidates are admitted to the program based upon their interest and their potential to develop into highly qualified karate instructors. The program is based on time in training, attainment of ranking, and performance of karate instruction in the candidate’s own club.


Seminars: Several times a year The Solebury Club will host seminars with some of the world’s top instructors such as: Sensei Leslie Safar 9th Dan and Sensei Edmond Otis 8th Dan.
Executive Committee


Training Camp: There is also a yearly Karate Training Camp during the summer, where many of the world’s top instructors come together and share their knowlege with students from around the country and world.


In addition to this camp, there are several other international AJKA-I Camps thoughout Europe and New Zealand.

Black Belts

Robert DeAngelis – Nana Dan

Robert Tomasulo – Roku Dan

Edward Rumick – Go Dan

Ann Marie DeAngelis – Yon Dan

Alexis Watson – San Dan
Mark Watson – San Dan
Cathy Siley -San Dan
Karen Alexanderson – San Dan
Thomas Reynolds – San Dan
Phillip Azanov – San Dan

Kenneth Cloonan – Ni Dan
Kevin Fitzgerald – Ni Dan
Gregory Griffis – Ni Dan
Peter Brussock – Ni Dan
Paul Boddy – Ni Dan
Keegan Tawa – Ni Dan
Seamus Belisle – Ni Dan

William Christy – Sho Dan
Nathaniel Chellel – Sho Dan
Rick Butterfield – Sho Dan
Staci Schwartz – Sho Dan
Toly Bitny – Sho Dan
Scott Cummings – Sho Dan
Tim Cooper – Sho Dan
Kristina Shea – Sho Dan
Nick Serdaru – Sho Dan
Emily Sobieski – Sho Dan
Nick Brussock – Sho Dan
Estelle Hubbell – Sho Dan
Kristen Doman – Sho Dan
Garrett Monaco – Sho Dan
David Churchill – Sho Dan
Brandon Edgerton – Sho Dan
Bonnie Blair Kashlak – Sho Dan
Lynn Roberts – Sho Dan
Maggie Haflett – Sho Dan
Rick Petrosky – Sho Dan
Sarah Lapp – Sho Dan
Jessica Magoch – Sho Dan
Michael Kelly – Sho Dan
Peter Berensmann – Sho Dan
Duncan Shea – Sho Dan

Drew Fisher – Sho Dan Ho Jr.
Jenny Guiderra – Sho Dan Ho Jr.
Mitchell Barbon – Sho Dan Ho    Jr.
Lexi Van der Gaag – Sho Dan Ho Jr.
Alex Law – Sho Dan Ho Jr.
Natalie Tanke – Sho Dan Ho Jr.
Nate Cooper – Sho Dan Ho Jr.
Kimberly Hess – Sho Dan Ho Jr.
Andrew Abraham – Sho Dan Ho Jr.
Blake Rivas – Sho Dan Ho Jr.
Matthew Siley – Sho Dan Ho Jr.
Margaret Anne Hubbell – Sho Dan Ho Jr.
Jake Schwartz – Sho Dan Ho Jr.
Jacob Swoyer – Sho Dan Ho  Jr.
Jackson Toone – Sho Dan Ho Jr.
Nichole Lefkowitz – Sho Dan Ho Jr.
Mark Steven Sobieski – Sho Dan Ho Jr.
Evan Clark – Sho Dan Ho Jr.
Ben Swoyer – Sho Dan Ho Jr.
Ben Troth – Sho Dan Ho Jr.
Emily Walsh – Sho Dan Ho Jr.
Emmi Schwartz – Sho Dan Ho Jr.
Jonus Ponzuric – Sho Dan Ho Jr.
Taylor Newman – Sho Dan Ho Jr.
Jackson Swartz – Sho Dan Ho Jr.
J.P. Hare – Sho Dan Ho Jr.
Andrew Benda – Sho Dan Ho Jr.
Joseph Lefkowitz – Sho Dan Ho Jr.
Patricio Roji – Sho Dan Ho Jr.
Jason Rackas – Sho Dan Ho Jr.
William Sausker – Sho Dan Ho Jr.
Derek Denoon – Sho Dan Ho Jr.
Jase Sotack – Sho Dan Ho Jr.