Rob DeAngelis

President & Chief Instructor (7th Dan)

AJKAI-USA National Technical Committee
Director AJKA-I East Coast National Training Center
Director East Coast AJKA-I Instructor Training Program

Sensei Rob DeAngelis of Doylestown PA and graduate of Central Bucks East. Sensei DeAngelis’ passion is to share his love of karate with his students through personalized, motivating and insightful instruction. His focus is on conveying the importance of details and how they come together to produce powerful techniques and confident students. Sensei DeAngelis draws upon 32 years of instruction, training and competition in the United States and Europe under some of the highest-ranking Sensei in the world.

Robert Tomasulo

Chairman & Technical Director (6th Dan)

AJKAI-USA President

Sensei Tomasulo’s dedication to Shotokan Karate is readily apparent in his accomplished techniques and his research of the basic fundamentals of Shotokan Karate. He has studied under some of the highest-ranking Sensei in the world. Sensei Tomasulo enjoys the challenges of teaching karate and the benefits of learning from his instruction of students.

Ed Rumick

Chairman & Karate Program Director (5th Dan)

Sensei Rumick has an energetic and exciting personality that both adult and young students can relate to. He motivates the youth program students to help them realize what they can achieve through practice and the support of a teacher. Sensei Rumick introduces the students to the Black Belt goal.

Cathy Siley

Women’s Program Instructor (3rd Dan)

Sensei Siley heads the women’s only program at the SCK. Teaching her female students self defense, body conditioning and building confidence through the art of Shotokan karate, Sensei Siley started this program and has brought women from white belt to black belt level. Sensei Siley also helps with the Solebury Competition Team logistics where her son, also a black belt, competes nationally.

Ann Marie DeAngelis

Instructor (4th Dan)

Sensei DeAngelis has established herself an important role model at The Solebury Club, especially among the younger female students. Sensei DeAngelis’s spirit and strong technique inspires and motivates the youth as well as adults, helping them realize what they can achieve through practice and strong spirit.

Karin Alexanderson

Assistant Instructor (2nd Dan)

Sensei Alexanderson has been a constant presence here at the Solebury Club the last several years.  Her intensity and attention to detail help her to standout not just in regular classes, but also at seminars and the AJKA-I Instuctor Course.  Sensei Alexanderson is currently a Class “E” Instructor and is working towards her Class “D” License.